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Renovation, maintenance, cleaning, redecorating and more.

Full Renovation

Your full renovation experts. From floor to ceiling, start to finish we do it all. Your one-stop shop for all renovation needs. If you have any kind of renovation needs, residential or commercial, we are the experts for you. Beginning with stripping down the old infrastructure to the very last stroke of paint. We execute the job with finesse, accurate project management, timeliness and deliver great results. We do the insulations, plumbing, fix aluminium joinery, windows, electrical, kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom, living rooms; we even do audio setups. Everything you need to renovate with us so call us now for a free quote.

General Maintenance

From holes in the ceilings, ripping wallpapers to repainting over the children’s art gallery on the wall. We all have general day-to-day maintenance needs and The Useful Guy is here to help. The Useful Guy will get the Job done in an effective, timely and professional manner. We do what we do swiftly so you can get back to what you do be it at home or in your workspace, we do our job quick and well. For all your general maintenance requirements contact us today.


You do not always need to redo the whole house. Sometimes you may just want to redecorate what you have right now. Maybe you want to redecorate a bathroom, or replace a kitchen, put in an extension like a family room or an entertainment room. You may even be looking to redecorate your corporate or commercial, business venture. We can do it all for you. Simply send us an email and detailing your aspired project and we will set a free quote for you. Do not delay, contact us now!

Exterior Cleaning

Maintaining the exterior of the house can be troublesome, we take the troubles from you. We can clean the exterior for you, remove all the dirt, collected grime over time. Remove any unnecessary stuff lying in the backyard, clean the roof and water blast all the exterior to make it all fresh and clean. We can do all the cleaning and clearing with efficiency and proficiency that is convenient for you. To completely transform your yard, garden or lawn or to do simple cleaning; drop us a text for a free quote on how we can make your exterior look more beautiful.


Your outside is as important as the inside of the house. If need a new fence or a deck or need to extend what you have, call us and we can be a hand of help to you. We will build your deck for you with the materials you prefer and in your budget. We could replace your old fence with a new one or install a new fence around your home or business area. We can set up a garden for you, making it look beautiful in whatever style you like. For all your outdoor, landscaping needs get in touch today and get a free quote.

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